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What is RSS feed How Can I Use

What is RSS feed How Can I Use

What is RSS Feed

The RSS Feed is an important term to understand bloggers and in this guide I have tried to explain what the RSS feed is and how to use it. This is a way for blogger that is the most important way to report your blog post to your Subscribers.

RSS Feed should not be a new word for bloggers and those who get information from the internet, but it is a Jargon for many people. Today, we will learn about RSS feed and how it is useful for everyone to be updated with newsletters. And also for bloggers you can use the RSS as an option to subscribe.

Benefits OF feed

Feed is the most common method used to keep the viewer updated and its most common place is around sidebar or blog post. It is also called feed or web feed. RSS is one of the web feed formats that is usually used on blogs or websites where content like social bookmarking sites is updated regularly.

What is RSS feed How Can I Use


RSS feed is a technology that lets you track updates from your favorite website using any feed reader. The most common to track your user’s updates to your website is the most common The process and simple method is not harmful to open the daily site to check the updates and the feed is the best way to notify all your favorite websites. You can use a feed reader that includes feedly (most popular).

Whenever you subscribe to any website feeds, whenever a website writes a new post, you will notify your user using your RSS feed reader.

What is RSS feed How Can I Use

Use of The RSS Feed?

The Subscribe feed helps you save time. After subscribing to the RSS feed, you do not have to open the website every time you see the updates. You can use any feed to get updates about the web site

Google Reader was one of the best feed readers, and people use feed to subscribe to the updated blogs. Google Reader has some good alternatives, then it’s closed.

On WordPress, you get the feed feature by default, but it’s not so user friendly. A natural step is to burn your feed using feed burner and you can also get a feature like email subscription that will be very helpful. For a blogger, it is very important to present and the most common place for feed icon is on the sidebar or Navy bar.

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